On our website we collect videos from youtube that are worth seeing. You can search in different categories and also submit your own favorite videos to us. Because the videos are embedded, we don't offer accounts. Save and like your favorite clips with your own youtube account.

Diamondvideos are worth seeing for different individual reasons. There is something for everyone like for example animal clips, animated short movies and creative music videos. We search for suitable clips from talented creators and interesting channels and include them on our website. For this we use the original links so the original content creator receives every view and monetization. Every video can be found under a single main category but of course the transitions can be fluent sometimes.

Some videos on youtube are for example named misleading or uploaded in a bad resolution. Also content from creative channels may remain without much attention, because it's difficult to find them. We invest a lot of time to search on youtube for the best content so you can enjoy some handpicked content and some creators get more well-deserved attention.

Here you can watch clips at random and also use some filtering options. This way we hope to surprise you and that you find enjoyable content you maybe won't have found otherwise. You may skip the current video at any given time.

Every video on the website is worth seeing in it's own right and ratings of course are subjective.

In principal we want to give you an orientation with our ratings and more diamonds generally stand for a more intense and / or more artistically ambitious video.

1 Diamond - Video worth seeing if you did not watch something like that before

2 Diamonds - Like one diamond, but generally more intense

3 Diamonds - Video that tendentially besides the content also features a good style

4 Diamonds - A higher level of creativity, artistic feel, aesthetics etc.

5 Diamonds - Very intense, creative, interesting or well made videos

6 Diamonds - Very intense videos that are among our favorites

7 Diamonds - Our favorites, an exceptional and in our opinion unique creation